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About MedicALL

We provide cost-effective, timesaving and convenient quality heath care access and counseling for the public by enhancing the provider-patient relationship through technological imperatives.

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase primary healthcare access and quality of healthcare through innovation.

Our Vision

To be a leading quality healthcare service using innovative and client-centered mediums in Ghana and beyond.

Core Values

INNOVATION: Being Ghana's leading primary healthcare provider requires unparalleled vision, innovation and execution. We constantly strive to deploy new ideas and new technology that make a difference.

ETHICS: We are committed to doing the right thing always. We aim to serve our stakeholders and partners truthfully and honourably while holding ourselves to the highest standards. We act with integrity, honesty and transparency at all times.

CLIENT-CENTRED SERVICE: Our service users are our most important stakeholders. Providing them a reliable service that is topnotch, personalized, convenient, accessible yet affordable in a respectful and non-intimidating environment is our hallmark.

EXCELLENCE: We are intentional in pursuing excellence consistently.

CONFIDENTIALITY: We respect confidential information entrusted us by our clients and partners.


MedicALL Services

General Practice

We cover acute care and general health. Our general practitioners diagnose and prescribe treatments, order tests and interpret test results. Connect with a general doctor online.

Pharmaceutical Services

We provide drug counselling. Additionally we liaise with your practitioners to rationalise your medicine.

Home Care

Tired of the time you waste waiting for healthcare?


We provide occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy.


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