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As a team, we have always been concerned about health care access and quality in Ghana and Africa as a continent. We have always held the view that irrespective of the low health professional to population ratio, the Ghanaian can receive quality health care if technology is leveraged to improve the reach and delivery of health professionals whilst empowering the patient.

It is our position that most patients know a lot about their state of health than health professionals give them credit for. In the last three years, we have become increasingly concerned that on average, Ghanaians access primary health less than once a year. Our research leads us to believe that this is a result of the barriers to health that exist. Key amongst them is the time it takes to access care, the congestion that occurs at outpatient departments of many of our health facilities and the cost of service.

The result is that most people only seek help when unwell. This has an impact on their prognosis and is a contributor to many avoidable deaths that have become acceptable in the country. We believe that the smartphone allows us to help solve some of these challenges in Ghana’s health system. For many Ghanaians, breaking the barriers to health care will be answered with an efficient telehealth system.

This is what drives us as a group and how MedicALL came to be. We are here as part of rewriting Ghana’s primary health story and with the help of our patients evolve a system that puts the patient at the centre of health provision. In doing so, we promise the best customer service and value for money.

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MedicALL Services

General Practice

We cover acute care and general health. Our general practitioners diagnose and prescribe treatments, order tests and interpret test results. Connect with a general doctor online.

Pharmaceutical Services

We provide drug counselling. Additionally we liaise with your practitioners to rationalise your medicine.

Home Care

Tired of the time you waste waiting for healthcare?


We provide occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy.

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